Which is the strength of Dolomiti Rocce?


An exceptional team of technicians, geologists, rock climbers, mountaineers and machinery experts of the latest generation at the service of the most ambitious challenges.
The high quality of Dolomiti Rocce achievements has allowed us to stand out in the market

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Perfect knowledge of the environment,

exceptional ability to work

in extreme conditions.


We make special foundations of small and large diameter. Precision drilling, soil consolidation, deep foundations, injections, tie rods, nailed walls, waterproofing, Jet grouting, diaphragms and confinements.

Rock scaling and land consolidation0%

We carry out protection works, active and passive defense against rocks falling and avalanches, rock scaling, tie rods and riveting at high altitude, land consolidation, environmental protection works and environmental engineering.

Special Works0%

We carry out special works in extreme situations thanks to teams of experienced mountain climbers and rock climbers who operate not only in rocky environments or at high altitudes but also in particular contexts such as: steel and glass buildings, large stranded boats, dam facings, walkways and bridges of service.

Specialized consultancy0%

A team of experts provides a complete and competent specialist consultancy service to define the best strategies for defending and protecting the territory, respecting the natural environment.

Certified Quality

Attestazione di qualificazione
alla esecuzione di lavori pubblici
(ai sensi del D.P.R. 207/2010)

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

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Our values

High quality of our work


Highly specialized skills

More than thirty years experience


Loc. Paludi Lizzona, n. 67
32014 Ponte nelle Alpi – Belluno (BL) – Italy

Tel:  +39 0437 989010
Fax: +39 0437 989002
 Pec: dolomitirocce@legalmail.it

Thanks to those who trusted us and allowed us to grow.

Our projects