Relying on Dolomiti Rocce is a safe choice in terms of professionalism.

Relying on Dolomiti Rocce is a safe choice in terms of professionalism, specialization, innovative technologies, high specific preparation of the personnel and advanced technical means in every sector in which the company operates.

In the defense against falling rocks and avalanches, we have equipment, often removable for transport by helicopter, and exclusive techniques used to create modern rockfall protection systems, in the absence of access routes, according to the project requirements in full compliance with environmental constraints while the installation of snow stop structures often takes place outside access routes, on steep walls and in snowy areas.

Cutting-edge specialized technologies

In geofondations field, we have developed equipment of limited size with the use of special technologies and with the intention of offering rational and economic solutions to the engineering of the terrain: micropiles for the foundation of structures and for the execution of bulkheads ground support carriers in excavation operation; threading (horizontal micropiles) for supporting structures for tunneling; active and passive tie rods of any type and size, both temporary and permanent; drains for the stabilization of landslide land.

As part of the “natural” consolidation of the soils, that is to say in the application of Environmental Engineering techniques, in the environmental recovery of quarries and in the arrangement of green slopes and landslides, innovative materials are used: vegetative coverings with mat, mattress or pocket , anti-erosion mats, galvanized double-twist nets combined with georetes, create the suitable substrate, with the appropriate hydro-seeding, for the development of vegetation for the greening of areas otherwise destined for total abandonment.

Tipes of owned equipment

Hydraulic drilling machines for diaphragms and large diameter piles set up for
  • Bored piles from diam. diam.800 to diam.1800
  • Piles FDP
  • CSM
  • Diaphragms
Radio-controlled tracked hydraulic drilling rigs set up for:
  • For micropiles up to 400mm diameter
  • Jet grouting
  • Self-drilling bars
  • Movable by helicopter
Crawler excavators equipped with radio-controlled drilling masts for:
  • perforations in places of difficult access and at height
  • tunnel drilling and consolidation
Several combinations of light slides and manual drilling rigs for high-level drilling
Generators with power up to 140 kWA
Motor compressors with capacities from 5000 to 21000 lt / min
Mixing plants with flow rates from 5 to 40 m3 / hour and 12 vertical silos
High pressure jet-grouting pump
Water purification plant