DOLOMITI ROCCE realizes special workings in extreme situations thanks to teams of mountaineers and expert rock climbers who operate not only in rocky environments or at high altitudes but also in particular contexts such as: steel and glass buildings, large stranded boats, facings, dams , walkways and service bridges.

Costa Concordia

Dolomiti Rocce participates in the restoration and rehabilitation of the Costa Concordia (at the Isola del Giglio), through a team of expert rock climbers who have safely set up scaffolding for all the companies participating in the various operations. The extreme working conditions do not allow companies to work independently and this is why Dolomiti Rocce team is constantly there to support all the teams. Places not accessible to all are the daily business of Dolomiti Rocce team, which also lends itself to seemingly simpler operations but in the most extreme conditions.

Sant’Angelo Hospital of Mestre

The impressive structure that houses the Mestre hospital was entirely made of glass and steel. Obviously a building of this kind is difficult to access to normal maintenance teams, which have been replaced by Dolomiti Rocce high-altitude expert team. Specifically, it’s guaranteed the maintenance of the building and of the various components, such as the motors for opening and closing large windows.

Works on dam facing

Dolomiti Rocce arrives where for others it is impossible to operate, due to extreme and inaccessible conditions. The teams of expert rock climbers are able to work in particular conditions such as the height and verticality of the dams. Care and precision of interventions in difficult conditions is the flagship of the company.

Works on photovoltaic systems

Dolomiti Rocce collaborates with construction sites to install photovoltaic systems on steep and inaccessible terrain. It establishes solid foundations in environments that are difficult to access in order to optimize the resources available. Its teams can get where the normal installers do not access, thanks to experience and expertise acquired through years of special processing.

Walkways and service bridges

Dolomiti Rocce realizes walkways and service bridges in extreme conditions, where normal equipment cannot reach. Its vehicles and its specialized personnel carry out works safely and quickly.