More than 30 years experience: a history that began a long time ago

The story of Dolomiti Rocce has a deep connection with its own territory and specifically with the mountain environment. From the very first steps, it has developped a very specific and specialized knowledge of the terrain, the high altitude, the problems connected to instability phenomena. The vocation for environmental protection and environmental engineering has allowed Dolomiti Rocce to establish itself in the national and international market.

The specialization of the skills of Dolomiti Rocce workers is a key element of company growth and has strengthened over time the ability to find out solutions to the most complex environmental issues.

Thanks to the perfect knowledge of environment and subsoil, Dolomiti Rocce handles successfully the field of geofondations.
The deep experience and specific knowledge of the mechanical resistance of soils and their static and dynamic behaviors allow Dolomiti Rocce to operate in the geotechnical sector by performing drilling, injections, tie rods and rivets, consolidations and waterproofing. These are extremely important interventions to prepare the land for major works. The quality of the final result is the objective that characterizes all Dolomiti Rocce achievements and activities.

Mission: quality, specializaion, sustainability

The balance of a system gravitates around its own perfection, to the perfect relationship
that is established between the elements that compose it. Establishing, maintaining or restoring a balance is the primary objective of our work.

Thanks to a team of specialized workers – mining experts, engineers, rock climbers, mountaineers, site technicians – Dolomiti Rocce is able to design works by offering timely and thorough advice, in order to outline the best solutions to the most complex needs. Our team can also carry out operations even in extreme conditions or in unfavorable working environments. Every day Dolomiti Rocce undertakes to carry out interventions respecting the highest quality standards and using cutting-edge technologies

The ultimate goal of our modus operandi is to adopt a sustainable vision of the services offered in the market.
For us, sustainability means knowing how to make the right choice, guaranteeing safety and operating by identifying the optimization of resources, costs and time.

Thanks to constant research and professional training, Dolomiti Rocce is able to identify the best technical and logistic solutions for the creation of specialized geotechnical works.